Benefits to Consumers

By joining SCRDA our members are confirming their commitment to quality auto recycling! That commitment translates into better quality products and services, greater value along with many other benefits for consumers. We appreciate your support of SCRDA members and quality auto recycling in South Carolina!

Take Advantage of Recycling's Great Value

One of the best values within the automotive industry is the purchase of recycled OEM Replacement Auto Parts! Recycled OEM parts in many cases are offered for sale at a fraction of the price of new retail parts with equal quality and reliability. Many recyclers offer standard or extended parts warranties that may extend protection beyond that of the original manufacturer. So for the greatest value in replacement auto parts, buy recycled!

Find High Quality OEM Replacement Parts

For many parts searches, there will be much more availability for quality recycled OEM parts than for new retail parts. This is supported by a vast network of auto recyclers both locally and nationwide that maintain huge inventories of dismantled and quality tested parts ready for purchase.

Save Time & Added Convenience Over Retail

By utilizing OEM recycled parts consumers can save assembly time for certain purchases. Some new parts require that you buy several parts individually and assemble before installation whereas those same parts may come pre-assembled as one purchase from auto recyclers.

Locate Unavailable or Out of Stock Retail Parts

Some OEM Retail Replacement Parts are only available for a limited time, unavailable completely or have limited availability only as part of a complete or bigger parts assembly. Recycled parts providers typically offer greater availability of parts for a larger range of years, makes and models with most parts in-stock or quickly available within one or two business days.

Buy Local & Support Your Local Economy

The auto recycling industry plays an integral role in the US auto industry as a whole. It also plays an important role in local communities in South Carolina. SCRDA members not only offer employment for a wide range of skills and experience, they also reinvest much of their revenue in support of other local businesses. Buying your replacement parts from SCRDA members ensures those revenues cycle through the local economy.

Help to Preserve Earth's Natural Resources

The auto recycling industry is one of the largest recyclers of the worlds natural resources! Without a healthy and efficient auto recycling industry our environment would suffer greatly and automotive cost would be much higher. We encourage you to do your part to help preserve our earth's great resources, support your local SCRDA member!

South Carolina Recyclers and Dismantlers Association or SCRDA was established in 1995 to organize South Carolina Recyclers in order to give them a unified voice. With greater power in numbers, SCRDA has influence in making sure that law makers and regulators make informed decisions on issues that affect our environment, local consumers as well as the survival of our industry. SCRDA also works to give its members an advantage in the marketplace with a greater industry presence, more networking opportunities as well as greater purchasing power from recycling industry vendors. Join SCRDA today and get your seat at the table!

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