Benefits of Membership

By joining SCRDA you are investing in the future of the local auto recycling industry as well as helping to pave the way for your company's continued success. Without trade organizations such as SCRDA, entire industries like ours would be swallowed up by misguided rules and regulations that make it impossible for recyclers as well as consumers to benefit from the great products and services that we provide. Join SCRDA today and get your seat at the table!

Grow and Protect The Recycling Industry

All of SCRDA efforts center around helping to grow and to protect the automotive recycling industry in general as well as for individual members. We offer many advantages and tools for success that you cannot find anywhere except through a trade organization such as ours. Join today to grow and protect your business!

Promote Your Products and Services

Joining SCRDA is a great way to promote your products and services to both consumers and business to business. Through our online content as well as other sources, we spotlight the wonderful products and services that our members provide as well as offer direct access and contact information. Let us help to promote your company, join SCRDA today!

Build Trust and Confidence with Consumers

SCRDA helps to build consumer trust in your products and services by promoting the well being of our entire industry. We work to educate consumers on the positive impact and vital role that our industry plays in not only saving them time and money, but also in support of local jobs, communities and the preservation of our worlds natural resources.

Help to Shape Local and National Legislation

One of the major and mostly unseen roles of SCRDA in protecting our industry, for both members and consumers, is our work in helping to shape local and national legislation that could negatively impact the vital role that our industry plays in today's society and economy. We help to educate and guide legislatures on facts while clarifying negative or misinformation concerning our industry. Monitoring and Guiding legislation is vital to the survival of our industry as well as your business!

Gain Valuable Industry News and Information

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, the survival and growth of a recycling related business is highly dependent on access to and understanding of key information. SCRDA offers members timely access to a variety of information related to our industry that could be the difference in whether your company operates with a profit or loss!

Utilize Member Discounts and Privileges

Our members include not only auto recyclers but also vendors that supply the recycling industry with valuable products and services. By allowing membership of both recyclers and suppliers we are providing direct access and networking opportunities that may not otherwise exist. Some vendors, as well as recyclers, also offer SCRDA members special discounts and/or privileges.

Protect Our Environmental Resources

The US Auto Recycling Industry is a world leader in helping to save Earth's natural resources! SCRDA plays a key role in providing local members with vital information to not only maximize profits but also the most effective means of protecting our environment and natural resources.

South Carolina Recyclers and Dismantlers Association or SCRDA was established in 1995 to organize South Carolina Recyclers in order to give them a unified voice. With greater power in numbers, SCRDA has influence in making sure that law makers and regulators make informed decisions on issues that affect our environment, local consumers as well as the survival of our industry. SCRDA also works to give its members an advantage in the marketplace with a greater industry presence, more networking opportunities as well as greater purchasing power from recycling industry vendors. Join SCRDA today and get your seat at the table!

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