Leading An Industry...

The growth and protection of the auto recycling industry takes a conscious and continuous effort at both the state and national levels. It requires not only financial resources but also a major investment of time and energy from those that sacrifice to lead the way. SCRDA encourages you to join our efforts today and get your seat at the table!

Colin Davis

1st Vice-President

Barnette's Auto Parts, Inc.

Sumter, South Carolina

Cheryl Rash


Blue & Gold Auto Salvage

Goose Creek, South Carolina

Jimbo Pratt

Executive Director

Sunshine Recycling, LLC

South Carolina

South Carolina Recyclers and Dismantlers Association or SCRDA was established in 1995 to organize South Carolina Recyclers in order to give them a unified voice. With greater power in numbers, SCRDA has influence in making sure that law makers and regulators make informed decisions on issues that affect our environment, local consumers as well as the survival of our industry. SCRDA also works to give its members an advantage in the marketplace with a greater industry presence, more networking opportunities as well as greater purchasing power from recycling industry vendors. Join SCRDA today and get your seat at the table!

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